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"You Hypocrite"

Branding, Editorial Design, Exhibition Design, UI/UX Design

Branding, Editorial Design, Exhibition Design, UI/UX


The Brief

Create a tribute for one of the following classic selected texts: The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells, The Fall (French La Chute) by Albert Camus, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules

The Solution

For the brief I chose “The Fall by Albert Camus” this book has many themes present throughout. The one that I felt best represented the book was the theme of Hypocrisy. To display the theme of hypocrisy I chose to express this through an exhibition. The exhibition is named “You Hypocrite” with the tag line “Exposing the Everyday Hypocrite” with the goal to make any guest to the exhibition see that they are a hypocrite.

The Logo

The logo represents the two faced theme of the personality of a hypocrite. It gives a preview to the two typefaces used throughout the exhibition. The lettering type behind is pushing through to represent a hypocrite being exposed and showing through the lies. The name “You Hypocrite” is given to make a guest instantly feel like they are being told what type of person they are and in a way almost shaming that guest into thinking that they are indeed a hypocrite.

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The booklet for the exhibition will be one that a guest would want to keep. That was the main focus when designing the booklet, it needed to be an experience and reflect who a hypocrite is. This can be seen in the finishes and style that the booklet is printed in. It contains information from the exhibition rooms and is a reference to look back on to remind the guest of examples of hypocrites and how they have been one themselves.

Information Slides

Information Slides

Making a guest feel like they are a hypocriteis a memorable experience. So having a colourful reminder would be the purpose of these slides. The feeling of hypocrisy is present in the print finish as one side is glossy coated and the other uncoated. This shows the message that the exhibition is portraying the two sided personality of an individual who is a hypocrite.

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