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Float Branding

Branding, Identity, UI/UX

Identity, Branding, UI/UX Design


The Brief

To create a product, service or idea that could bring a dying industry back in the modern era. We also had to produce a set of brand guidelines alongside the new brand that could be picked up and used seamlessly.

The Solution

For the area of my choice, Milk. Under the name of Float. The local milk delivery service was an industry that was in desperate need of a comeback. As well as the brand guidelines I also decide to produce an app that could be used to order & track your milk delivery. This idea would help bring milk delivery into the 21st century, helping the industry from falling into   All milk would be locally sourced and it would help support your community. This creates a closer connection to your milk orders and helps keep local milk men & women in business.

Final Logo-3.jpg
Iphone Mockup.png